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Bardha de Témal Bardha de Témal
Author: Pashko Vasa
Code: Bardha
Date added: Wednesday 03 February, 2021

David Copperfield David Copperfield
Author: Charles Dickens
Code: David
Date added: Friday 25 January, 2019

Doctor Gjelpera Doctor Gjelpera
Author: Faik Konica
Code: Gjelpera
Date added: Monday 06 September, 2021

Doctor Gjelpera How did I find Albania...
Flowers of remembrance Flowers of remembrance
Author: Foqion Postoli
Code: Lulja
Date added: Monday 26 November, 2018

Grand Canary Grand Canary
Author: A.J.Cronin
Code: GranCanaria
Date added: Monday 10 December, 2018

Nje tregim per te qare Nje tregim per te qare
Author: Fatos Mullisi
Code: Mullisi
Date added: Tuesday 07 July, 2020

The adventures of Tom Sawyer The adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author: Twain Mark
Code: Tom
Date added: Monday 11 July, 2016

The young "brat", Tom, likes swimming, hunting for treasure, stealing the jam, getting into fights with the kids, get into trouble ... He hates work and school, but is smart, has a big heart ...Tom Sawyer is one of the most sympathetic characters in world literature....
The apple tree The apple tree
Author: Galsworthy John
Code: Lulet
Date added: Wednesday 14 March, 2018

E cmendur eshte cdo zemer dashurie, E krahezit i feksin te praruar, Ajo me bindje si me force magjie, Ja hedh pranveres vellon e lulezuar. Rini, e eger bukuri, krenare, Kur ti shkelqen , rritesh e buzeqesh, Nen diellin e dashurise se pare, Me lule maji vehten, rreth e vesh. Xhon Gollsuorthi...
The best of me The best of me
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Code: Gjithe
Date added: Saturday 12 January, 2019

narrating voice Blerta Cina...
The Paul Street Boys The Paul Street Boys
Author: Ferenc Molnar
Code: Djemte
Date added: Wednesday 03 March, 2021

Two years vacation Two years vacation
Author: Jules Verne
Code: Zhyl
Date added: Friday 24 April, 2020


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