Short stories


Author: Ivo Andric
Code: Sarajeva
Date added: Wednesday 12 February, 2020

Nobel Prize 1961...
A rose for Emily A rose for Emily
Author: Faulkner William
Code: Emili
Date added: Monday 18 December, 2017

“Flisni me Kolonel Sartoris. Nuk i kam taksa Xhefersonit.” “Por, Zonjusha Emili--“ “Flisni me Kolonel Sartoris.” (Kolonel Sartoris kishte rreth dhjetë vjet që kishte vdekur.)...
Anna on the neck Anna on the neck
Author: Cechov Anton
Code: Kryqi
Date added: Monday 12 October, 2020

Balo Balo
Author: London Jack
Code: Balua
Date added: Tuesday 18 August, 2020

Blood Blood
Author: Ernest Koliqi
Code: Gjaku
Date added: Tuesday 21 July, 2020

Cathedral Cathedral
Author: Raymond Carver
Code: Katedralja
Date added: Wednesday 04 December, 2019

Confessions Confessions
Author: Guy_de_Maupassant
Code: Rrefimet
Date added: Wednesday 27 January, 2021

Engineer Bruno's Metamorphosis Engineer Bruno's Metamorphosis
Author: Skender Temali
Code: Bruno
Date added: Monday 28 October, 2019

Karenin Karenin
Author: Milan Kundera
Code: Karenini
Date added: Friday 17 June, 2022

Koliqi Koliqi
Author: Ernest Koliqi
Code: Koliqi
Date added: Saturday 20 June, 2020

Love of Life Love of Life
Author: London Jack
Code: Dashuria
Date added: Monday 03 February, 2020

Narcissus and Goldmund Narcissus and Goldmund
Author: Hermann Hesse
Code: Boccadoro
Date added: Friday 13 March, 2020

Roads of Destiny Roads of Destiny
Author: O.Henri
Code: Rruget
Date added: Thursday 16 January, 2020

«There are stories in everything. I've got some of my best yarns from park benches, lampposts, and newspaper stands.»...
Short stories Short stories
Author: Autori Vari
Code: Tr
Date added: Tuesday 18 August, 2020

Something Something
Author: Gabriel García Márquez
Code: Dicka
Date added: Wednesday 25 March, 2020

Song of Triumphant Love Song of Triumphant Love
Author: Turgeniev Ivan
Code: Turgeniev
Date added: Wednesday 07 October, 2020

Dare to make mistakes and dream...
Stories Stories
Author: Dahl Roald
Code: Dahl
Date added: Thursday 28 April, 2022

Stories Stories
Author: Guy_de_Maupassant
Code: Tregime 2
Date added: Tuesday 26 July, 2022

Stories Stories
Author: Alberto Moravia
Code: Moravia
Date added: Thursday 08 September, 2022

Summer Summer
Author: Martin Andersen Nexø
Code: Kukulla
Date added: Monday 13 July, 2020


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