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Chicxulub Chicxulub
Author: Autori Vari
Code: Chicxulub
Date added: Monday 22 January, 2018

Chosen stories Chosen stories
Author: Autori Vari
Code: Hena
Date added: Sunday 11 June, 2017

The absolute master of the tale. - The Observer...
Highway Highway
Author: Michel Tournier
Code: Autostrada
Date added: Thursday 11 October, 2018

Kafka Kafka
Author: Kafka Franz
Code: Kafka
Date added: Tuesday 09 February, 2016

he plot follows a country doctor's hapless struggle to attend a sick young boy on a cold winter's night. A series of surreal events occur in the process, including the appearance of a mysterious groom in a pig shed. It begins with the doctor having to urgently attend a sick patient, but his sole horse died the night before, so his maid Rosa goes off to ask for another. She returns empty-handed — "Of course, who is now going to lend her his h...
Le Horla Le Horla
Author: Guy_de_Maupassant
Code: Horla
Date added: Friday 04 August, 2017

Relating the advent in France of an invisible being who lives on water and milk, sways the minds of others, and seems to be the vanguard of a horde of extra-terrestrial organisms arrived on earth to subjugate and overwhelm mankind, this tense narrative is perhaps without peer in its particular department....
Remembering Babylon Remembering Babylon
Author: Fitzgerald
Code: Kthim
Date added: Thursday 06 September, 2018

Stories Stories
Author: Buzzati Dino
Code: Buzzati
Date added: Wednesday 13 December, 2017

A drop of water climbs the steps of a ladder. Do you hear it? Lying in bed in the dark, I listen to his arcane path....
The angel The angel
Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
Code: Engjelli
Date added: Wednesday 25 April, 2018

Winner of the 1905 Literature Nobel Prize...
The last words on Earth The last words on Earth
Author: Krauss Nicole
Code: Leo
Date added: Monday 15 January, 2018

Loneliness: There is no part of body that can hold it all....
The Prince and the Pauper The Prince and the Pauper
Author: Twain Mark
Code: Princi dhe
Date added: Tuesday 24 May, 2016

Tom Canty, youngest son of a poor family living in Offal Court, London, has always aspired to a better life, encouraged by the local priest (who has taught him to read and write). Loitering around the palace gates one day, he sees a prince (the Prince of Wales – Edward VI). Coming too close in his intense excitement, Tom is nearly caught and beaten by the Royal Guards; however, Edward stops them and invites Tom into his palace chamber. There th...

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