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The invisible collection
[Zweig Stefan]

The invisible collection
The Invisible Collection, subtitled An Episode of the Inflation Period in Germany is the story of Herr Kronfeld ("Forest Ranger and Economic Councillor, Retired; Holder of the Iron Cross First Class ... His signature was always followed by his style and title in full"), a unrivalled collector of woodcuts and etchings, who is remembered one day by the art-dealer Herr Rackner ("from Berlin ... the famous dealer in antiquities"). Rackner thinks that Kronfeld may be one of the few collectors still about who has not been forced to sell his collection. He travels to "one of the most out-of-the-way towns in Saxony" to meet his man. The old collector, now blind, is delighted to see Rackner and delighted that his collection validated by the esteemed dealer. To his family he says, "[y]ou have been inclined to grumble at my 'squandering' money upon the collection ... Well, Herr Rackner confirms my judgment. When I am dead and gone, you'll be richer than anyone in the town, as wealthy as the wealthiest folk in Dresden".
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