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Fairy tales
[Perrault Charles]

Fairy tales
This book is one of my favorite book from my childhood : Charles Perrault's stories are some of the most famous fairy tales known, and especially in France, where it's a must-read for children. I own the french version of this book, which contains eight fairy tales : Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots, Diamonds and Toads, Cinderella, Riquet with the Tuft and Hop o' My Thumb.
Like in most fairy tales, the characters are heavily stereotyped (the sweet and innocent princess, the brave prince, etc), and the stories end with a moral. The tales were intended for both children and adults and they can be very creepy, violent and scary sometimes, as in Bluebeard (Barbe Bleue), a fairy tale that is quite dark for children.
My favorites tales from the book are probably Diamonds and Toads (Les Fées in french) and Riquet with the Tuft (Riquet à la Houppe) : as a little girl I loved those stories where the hero is unhappy at the beginning but finally gets happiness, love and aknowledgement in the end. Wait...I still love those stories actually !. That's why I still read Perrault's Fairy Tales from time to time, to remember the pleasure I had to read them when I was younger. (less)
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