Epic of Gilgamesh Epic of Gilgamesh
Author: Gilgamesh Epi
Code: Epi
Date added: Friday 29 July, 2016

In the epic, Gilgamesh is a demigod of superhuman strength who builds the city walls of Uruk to defend his people and travels to meet the sage Utnapishtim, who survived the Great Flood....
Eroic songs and legends Eroic songs and legends
Author: Rapsodi
Code: Kreshniket
Date added: Tuesday 23 August, 2016

Çdo komb ka nji nënshtresë mitike që gjindet thellë në rranjët e atij komb… Sa ma i vjetër kombi aq ma të thella rranjët… Ne mesin e atyne rranjëve për çdo komb ka nji Arkeo-Mit, nji Krye-Mit… Për ne shqiptarët mendoj se Arkeo-Miti jonë kombëtar asht Legjenda e Rozafës… Legjenda e Rozafës vjen nga qyteti ma i njohun shqiptar, Shkodra! ( Per me teper ju mund te lexoni Legjenda e Rozafes nga Ilir Seci.)...
Hell Hell
Author: Dante Alighieri
Code: Ferri
Date added: Tuesday 26 March, 2019

Migjeni Migjeni
Author: Migjeni
Code: Migjeni
Date added: Monday 10 October, 2016

Uragani i nderprere! C`do te shkruante me pas? C`la pa bere? Ne c`lartesi do te ngjitej? Keto pyetje, ndonese te mbetura pa pergjigje, do te perseriten si per gjithe njerezit e medhenj, qe brezat e rinj deshirojne ti kene mes tyre. (Ismail Kadare)...
Mjeda Mjeda
Author: Ndre Mjeda
Code: Mjeda
Date added: Tuesday 12 March, 2019

The girl and the death The girl and the death
Author: Gorky Maksim
Code: Poeme
Date added: Sunday 29 November, 2015

The Highland Lute The Highland Lute
Author: Fishta Gjergj
Code: Lahuta
Date added: Monday 07 December, 2015

Lahuta e Malcís (The Highland Lute) is the Albanian national epic poem, complete and published by the Albanian friar and poet Gjergj Fishta in 1937. It is written in the Gheg Albanian language, with 30 songs and over 17,000 verses, and is called by many scholars the Iliad of Albania.[1] An English translation The Highland Lute was produced in 2005, by the Canadian scholars of Albanian literature Robert Elsie and Janice Mathie-Heck, ISBN 978-1...
The lake The lake
Author: Lamartine Alphons de
Code: Liqeni
Date added: Tuesday 05 January, 2016

In 1816, at Aix-les Bains near Lake Bourget, Lamartine made the acquaintance of one Julie Charles. The following year, he came back to the lake, expecting to meet her there again. But he waited in vain, and initially thought she had stood him up. A month later he learned that she had taken ill and died. The "she" in this semi-autobiographical poem refers to Julie. The "voice dear to me" which speaks the lines of stanzas 6-9 is also meant to be un...

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