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Swedish match
[Cechov Anton]

Swedish match
“Chekhov Shorts”: Oh! The Public A superbly comical tale from Chekhov. One I’d definitely recommend to those looking for a taste of typical Chekovian humour A classic. The main event that takes place in this story is that the narrator and Nadya ride down a snow hill on a sled. Every time that they would ride down together the narrator would say "I love you" to Nadya, but at first either Nadya did not hear it of she did not know what was being said. Later on in the story she starts to desire to find out if the narrator is saying what she thinks he is. So she would continue riding the toboggan with him. After that she would want to ride daily and the words that the narrator said seemed necessary to live to her. Later on, when the weather became warm and the snow melted, they stopped tobogganing. A while later the narrator moved away, but before he moved he said that he loved her. At the end of the play he talks of how this occurred long ago and now Nadya is married to someone else and he talks about the words he said to her as if they were a joke This story takes place in Russia with no specific date, it also occurs later on, but still does not give any specific time periods. Most of the story takes place on or around a snow hill and in a garden by Nadya's house.
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